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Do I Really Need an Attorney to Prepare my Prenuptial Agreement?

Prospective clients often wonder why they shouldn't just download a prenup agreement off the internet, sign it and be done with it. 

The answer is simple.  When you desire to have your prospective spouse sign a prenuptial agreement, the most important factor that you should be concerned with is making sure that the prenup will be enforced by the court if you ever have to rely upon it in the event of a divorce.

When a divorce proceeding is filed, the attorney for the party who desires to have the prenuptial agreement enforced offers it to the court for consideration.  Almost always, the other party's attorney attempts to have the prenuptial agreement discarded and asks the court to disregard the contents of the agreement - for a whole slew of reasons - one of which is a lack of financial disclosures by the other party.


While no attorney can guaranty that a court will uphold a prenuptial agreement, simply grabbing a pre-printed form off the internet greatly decreases a person's chances of having a court uphold the prenuptial agreement.  More importantly, our Tampa prenup attorneys know how to properly document the financial disclosure requirements, thereby greatly enhancing the chances that your prenuptial agreement will be upheld and enforced by the court.

In addition, every person that is facing marriage has a different situation.  No two potential clients have the same objectives, economic circumstances, levels of education, family situation or ultimate outlook on marriage prospects.  Some people have children, others don't.  Some people are concerned with a potential or past inheritance, others aren't.  Some clients are worried about the potential for paying exorbitant amounts of alimony, while others are more concerned with the potential disposition of assets. 

In the end, grabbing a ready-made agreement from the internet or one that your friend got from his attorney in a different state really isn't a good idea.

If you are in need of a Tampa prenup attorney, a Tampa prenuptial attorney, a Tampa prenup agreement attorney, or a Tampa prenuptial agreement attorney, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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