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Partial Payment Attempts by Tenants

Our Tampa eviction attorneys, Tampa business attorney, Tampa contract lawyers and Tampa real estate attorneys believe that accepting partial payments from a tenant in default can drastically affect a landlord's ability to evict a tenant, and reclaim the landlord's property. 

A landlord should be cautious in accepting a tenant's partial payment, as the short term gain could lead to long term consequences.

Generally speaking, once a three (3) day notice has been issued by a landlord, if the tenant offers full payment of the entire rent owed, then the landlord must accept the payment. 

If, however, the tenant offers to pay a partial amount, the landlord may accept the partial payment with one caveat:  the landlord then must issue a new three (3) day eviction notice for the balance due before beginning eviction proceedings.  The landlord could also refuse simply refuse to accept the partial payment and proceed with the eviction process.

In other words, our Tampa eviction attorneys, Tampa business attorney, Tampa contract lawyers and Tampa real estate attorneys understand that accepting a partial payment restarts the clock on the eviction process, as the landlord then has to issue a new three (3) day notice.

If you are in need of a Tampa eviction attorney, Tampa business attorney, Tampa contract lawyer or Tampa real estate attorney to review, negotiate or prepare your contract or handle your business, real estate or commercial transaction, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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