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Steps to Take in order to Enter into a Prenuptial Agreement

Entering into a prenuptial or premarital agreement takes several steps.  The level of cooperation that our Tampa prenup attorneys receive from you oftentimes determines the amount of time it takes to get the agreement prepared, reviewed and ultimately signed.

Our Tampa prenup attorneys require that all clients complete an initial client intake questionnaire.  The initial questionnaire asks the client to provide us with a full and complete biographical and financial picture of you, your family, your prospective spouse, and your prospective spouse's family.  This allows our Tampa prenup attorneys to fully evaluate your potential needs and communicate coherently with you in answering any initial questions that you might have. 

Thereafter, a Tampa prenup attorney will contact you to arrange an initial consultation.  During the initial consultation, you will discuss any concerns or goals that you might have with a Tampa prenup attorney and to discuss the terms and conditions of our retainer agreement, which will need to be signed prior our being engaged on your behalf and prior to us beginning the preparation or review of your prenuptial agreement.

Once you have decided to retain one of our Tampa prenup attorneys to represent you, then you will be asked to complete a much more detailed questionnaire - providing us with, among other things, a list and copies of all of your existing assets and liabilities.  Ultimately, many if not all of the information that we require you to provide us at this stage will need to be attached or appended to the body of the final prenuptial agreement.

Once we have received all of this information, we will begin to prepare the first draft of your prenuptial agreement.  When the first draft is completed, we will email you a PDF version of the initial draft and ask that you review the agreement on your own to ensure that it satisfies your goals and objectives. 

Once you've had an opportunity to review the initial draft, and we've discussed your concerns and questions, we will make any edits or amendments to the initial draft, as necessary.

At that point, we then forward a copy of the revised draft to your prospective spouse's attorney - which is required by Florida law.  If your spouse's attorney raises any issues with the revised draft - which is oftentimes the case - then we will have a further discussion about your prospective spouse's concerns, and our Tampa prenup attorneys will continue to negotiate the terms of the document with your prospective spouse's attorney and amend the prenuptial agreement until a final form is mutually agreeable to both you and your prospective spouse.

One the final form has been agreed upon, both you and your prospective spouse will need to sign the final document in duplicate form, with each spouse receiving one full and complete originally signed document for safe keeping.

If you are in need of a Tampa prenup attorney, a Tampa prenuptial attorney, a Tampa prenup agreement attorney, or a Tampa prenuptial agreement attorney, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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