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Do I Really Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Unfortunately, there is no real answer to this question.  And, oftentimes, the correct answer arrives only once it is too late - after a lengthy and costly divorce litigation has occurred.

Our Tampa prenup attorneys encourage all prospective couples to at least consider signing a premarital agreement.  Such an agreement gives the parties a clear picture of what life will be like if, for some reason, the marriage (or civil union) ends in divorce.  A prenuptial agreement allows the parties to pre-determine their future outcome with respect to property distribution, alimony, life insurance, pension sharing, etc. in the event of a dissolution.

Ultimately, our Tampa prenup attorneys have noticed that by discussing the possibility of entering into a prenuptial agreement, couples are forced to openly communicate about a topic that is uncomfortable for each individual.  Ultimately, this discussion reveals the true nature of each party and their ability to compromise before the marriage begins with the hope of enhancing their chances of having a fruitful union.

The clients of our Tampa prenup attorneys oftentimes are people who own successful businesses, who have well-established careers and who have accumulated a significant number of assets.  Such people understand that the court system in Florida is unpredictable - laws can change and divorce rulings by judges are oftentimes subjective. 

Without a prenuptial agreement in place, in the event of a divorce, the parties will be told by a judge how their assets will be divided and how much alimony or spousal support one party will be forced to pay the other.  Educated clients recognize that a prenuptial agreement allows the parties to make their own decisions as to paramount issues like the division of property, the providing of alimony and the sharing of future income streams.

If you are in need of a Tampa prenup attorney, a Tampa prenuptial attorney, a Tampa prenup agreement attorney, or a Tampa prenuptial agreement attorney, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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