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Issuing a Three Day Notice

Most, if not all, eviction proceedings in the State of Florida start with the issuance of a three day notice.  It is extremely important that the notice is issued in accordance with the Florida Statutes.  Our Tampa eviction attorneys and Tampa real estate attorneys acknowledge that the failure to abide by the Florida Statutes could cause unnecessary and unwanted delay. ​​​​​​

A three day eviction notice gives the tenant three days from the date of delivery, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, to either pay the entire amount owed under the lease or vacate the premises.

Late charges in addition to the rent past due may be included, but only if the written lease specifically states that late charges become additional rent.

The three day eviction notice can be mailed, hand delivered, or left at the premises (only in the absence of the tenant).  If the notice is mailed, additional time will need to be added to the notice pursuant to Florida law. 

Quite frankly, our Tampa eviction attorneys, Tampa business attorneys, Tampa contract lawyers, and Tampa real estate attorneys believe sending by mail is probably the least favorable option of the three.

If you are in need of a Tampa eviction attorney, Tampa business attorney, Tampa contract lawyer or Tampa real estate attorney to review, negotiate or prepare your contract or handle your business, real estate or commercial transaction, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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