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Top Five Reasons for Getting a Prenuptial Agreement

Our experience as Tampa prenup attorneys have shown that the top five reasons that an individual enters into a prenuptial agreement with its prospective spouse are:

(1)  One (or both) of the parties has a significant amount or number of assets going into the marriage that it desires to protect against losing in the event of a dissolution of the marriage;

(2)  One of the parties has one or more kids (whether minors or grown adults) with someone other than its prospective spouse and said party wants to ensure the financial security of said kids in the event of a divorce;

(3)  One of the parties believes that it has the prospect of a higher earning capacity or the ability to potentially contribute a more substantial financial amount during the marriage due to the level of education, expertise or career choice that said party has sought, achieved or made compared to the other and desires to protect against having to support the other person for an extended period of time or for an inordinate amount in the event of a divorce.

(4)  One of the parties believes that it will someday inherit a substantial sum of money or significant amount or type of assets and either that individual or his/her parents want to ensure the protection of those financial assets.

(5)  One (or both) of the parties previously went through a nasty, bitter or protracted divorce and said party does not want to risk having a similar situation occur in the event the prospective marriage fails.

If you are in need of a Tampa prenup attorney, a Tampa prenuptial attorney, a Tampa prenup agreement attorney, or a Tampa prenuptial agreement attorney, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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